Thursday, July 24, 2008


Dear Family and friends,

These moments have been so special for us and I wish I had the time to write every single detail.

It's good to be home!

Our flight was long but we managed it. The arrival was very emotional for the 200+ people that were on the flight experiencing their dream. Chearing as we took off, chearing as we landed, tears of happiness from eveyone. Israeli friends, family and hundreds upon hundreds of people were chearing as we arrived making it surreal. Thanks to our family and friends in Israel for making it so early to our welcome at the airport you surprissed and helped a lot as we landed. The ceremony was very nice, our heart and tears of joy exploded as we all sang the Hatikva (Israeli National Anthem) as Israeli citizens and I heard the voices of Batya and Ilan singing it as if they fully understood the significance of this moment. (You can watch the video of our arrival at but look at the note at the right of the Blog).

We still can't believe we are here. Our first two days have been good and it has been great interacting with the Israeli society. A lot of friends, family and random people offering help. The top list include:
  1. The guy at the electronic store inviting us for a Shabbat meal
  2. The woman at the electronic store overhearing our conversation and giving us her business card for any help we might need
  3. A sister of an Israeli friend in Pittsburgh receiving us with a full dinner at our new appartment
  4. The guy at the shopping center food court acting as a translator as we were trying to understand his menu
  5. The welcome posters from the Garbers at our future home in Modiin
  6. The letter taped to our future home's door in Modiin offering help with names and phone numbers from people we think we met as we landed
  7. Family and friends welcoming and helping with the kids, luggage, car rental, etc. at the airport and bringing flowers, gifts and candies for the kids
  8. The cashier next to our cashier overhearing our conversation in Spanish congratulating us and wishing us success
  9. All the calls and help from family and friends on our various questions and needs as we settle here
  10. I have to mention the taxi driver whom when I asked for help to take into the house 9 pieces of luggage that where laying on the curb for some extra tip he responded in an Israeli fashion "Ma Pitom?, Any nahag!! " Translation: "No way (What's wrong?), I'm a taxi driver", so I appreciate his honesty regardless of the 24+hrs without sleep or the 90 something desert weather. I guess some humor will help with the cultural shock. :)

What else can I say. It's just great to be here. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get internet access on my computer.

Thanks to all your great wishes during our goodbyes, emails, calls and your blog comments, they all traveled with us and are still here helping us settle.


Adina said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It sounds like you are being welcomed with open arms, and you've had quite a few *adventures* within the first day. I hope the good luck continues. We still miss you terribly, but we are looking forward to more stories!
All our love,
Adina, Eric, Yair and Avi

lisa hackam said...

we miss you! glad to hear you are being welcomed warmly and being given the help we wish we were there to give you! Big hugs to everyone, looking forward to hearing from you soon!
lisa, david, rachel, samuel and Yoni

yudis said...

Nos conmovio muchisimo verlos llegar, es increible esta tecnología que a pesar de tantos kilometros de distancia pudimos vivir su llegada a Israel y ver sus rostros de alegría y de emoción.
Nos hace sentir mas cerca de ustedes...
Deseandoles que sigan encontrando gente buena que les haga mas leve su adaptación.
Seguimos en contacto

Bashe Feldman said...

la gente buena se rodea de gente buenisisma y ustedes nunca van a estar solos...waw que bienvenida en el quede de a 10... entrar a israel por la puerta grande...kol hakabod.....
los quiere mucho tia Bashe

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