Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A miracle in our days

Two unfortunate events.
Before introducing the main topic of this blog post (A miracle in our days) I’d like to write about two unfortunate events that have occurred the last couple of weeks at home.
First and as you can see from the pictures below, we had to go back to the doctors given that Batya fell in our backyard and broke her elbow. She is doing fine and adjusting to her cast that she will have for 3 weeks according to the orthopedist. She is also learning to use her left hand to eat, write, etc. She has been very positive which has helped her a lot.
From Other

From Other

Speaking about being positive, I believe I’m in that camp too. The first day after returning from the Pesach holiday (Passover), I learned that my services will no longer be needed at the company I was working at. Things were not working well on both sides and I know it’s going to be for the best (at least for me), so here I am again on the job search business. I actually enjoy doing job hunting a lot, the part that is not too enjoyable is knowing you don’t have a job. I will not be going into details and think I should probably do an anonymous blog and write about my experience there (or not). I will keep you in the loop… there are a couple of things already cooking but nothing concrete yet.

Sorry for not writing since after Pesach but job search has monopolized the time I have in front of my computer.

Talking about unfortunate events, I wanted to say hi to all family and friends in Mexico City and hope you can go on with life as usual soon.

A miracle in our days
Chag Haatzmaut Sameach to all (Happy Independence day)!
Many feelings going through my heart as we commemorate Yom Hashoa (Holocaust Remembrance Day), Yom Hazikaron (Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day) and culminating with Yom Haatzmaut (Independence day).
I want to share with you some of the things I experienced commemorating these days here in Israel as an Israeli citizen. Yom Hashoa as well as Yom Hazikaron gets the entire nation to a standstill for 2 minutes as sirens sound across the country for 2 minutes. During these days most TV stations shut down their broadcasts or have a special programming dedicated to the remembrance and radio stations have special programming. Entertainment venues are by law closed.
As we remember the 6 million Jews that were killed during the holocaust for the sole reason of being Jewish not too long ago, we see today that we have a country that will open its doors to any Jew for the sole reason of being Jewish. While we did not have a strong and organized defense force back then we commemorated yesterday the fallen soldiers of one of the strongest defense forces in the world with a purpose that goes well beyond safeguarding the state of Israel, they are also safeguarding the existence of our people. During the 61 years of short existence of the modern state of Israel, the country has been able to sustain 7 wars and look at us today, we are stronger than ever. That’s what I call a miracle! A miracle is being able to say one day “I want to go and live in Israel” and do it with no real barriers being on the way. Yes there are many difficulties and issues to deal with but not what I would call real barriers like the ones we had more than 61 years ago.
Yom Haatzamaut was a beautiful experience, for some of us it combines our civic and nationalistic feelings with our religious believes, it’s sharing together with our people in our land what we have been able to accomplish. Israeli flags everywhere, people celebrating, fireworks, music, dance, Manguels (BBQ),… This is what it’s all about…
Below are some pictures of our Yom Haatzmaut celebration including the kids, flags everywhere, our visit to the Latrun Tank museum.

It was very nice being able to host my grandmother at home last weekend, below are some pictures of her visit.

Now we are excited to host this weekend my niece who’s here for the March of the Living program.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Back from Pesach vacation - Many pictures

I’m not sure where to begin with all the things there are to write about: 1. Vacation, 2. My parents visit, 3. Pesach in Israel, 4. Our trip to the north and the many things we did there
I will share with you many photos (you have to know that most of them were taken by my father who does not miss any photo opportunity). Below is a selection of them as well as a couple of videos. Enjoy.

Below some random photos during my parents visit

A very nice day for a visit to the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem

An opportunity to get the family together

Our trip to the North and the many adventures including our stay at Nof Ginosar by the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), ride on a horse carriage, visit the Golan, ancient synagogue archeological site, family bicycle ride, drumming by the Kinneret, Hammat Gadder, Sfat, etc.

You can't miss these two videos. One Batya selected to drum and sing Eretz zabat Chalav udvash and the other one a crazy guy in the middle dancing with a funny afro.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Here comes the Sun...

What was I doing 5:45am this morning?
I joined thousand others in Modiin and millions (don't quote me on this number) around the world to do Birkat Hachama (blessing of the Sun).
It is a ones in 28 year opportunity to acknowledge G-d as the creator of all and appreciation to one of his creations: the Sun, as he enters into a new 28 year cycle since its creation on a Wednesday 5769 years ago.
Here are some pictures and a small video of this morning’s event.
Chag Sameach.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Festival of Freedom

What will make this Pesach my Festival of Freedom?

1. Taking vacation from April 8 and return until April 19 without worrying that people at the office might need you (because everyone else is on vacations too)

2. Doing one day of chag (holiday) vs. 2 days outside of Israel – just for this one it’s worthwhile making Aliyah (moving to Israel)

3. Enjoying Pesach with my parents. We’ve had a great time together (I’ll share some pictures soon)

4. Enjoying a new diaper free family. Yes, Ilan decided one day last week that he was ready

5. Celebrate together with the entire nation our exodus of Egypt. Seeing it at the supermarket, TV, work, radio, streets, garbage bins, etc.

6. Seeing Israeli flags lifted at every light post of the city in preparation to our Independence day. Can you believe how far we got? From leaving Egypt as slaves to celebrating 61 years of our modern state

7. Not having to thoroughly clean the house for Pesach nor do any food shopping or cooking and leaving it all to the hotel while we enjoy the view of the Kineret

8. Not having to clean our big Van and cleaning just our little car. I actually miss our Van especially these days when we have guests. Macy I know you are taking good care of it.

9. Enjoy my kids sing all the Pesach songs and listening to everything they are learning all with a Hebrew accent

10. Being able to live free as a Jew in a land of our own. Why did we leave Egypt in the first place? To get where? You are right…

11. Being able to blog about it :)

What will make this Pesach your Festival of Freedom?

Chag Kasher Ve’Sameach
May this Passover bring your and our entire people a physical and spiritual Freedom.
Lets us all pray to be able to celebrate soon the 5th cup, when He will bring us all to the land which He swore to our ancestors.
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