Monday, April 6, 2009

Festival of Freedom

What will make this Pesach my Festival of Freedom?

1. Taking vacation from April 8 and return until April 19 without worrying that people at the office might need you (because everyone else is on vacations too)

2. Doing one day of chag (holiday) vs. 2 days outside of Israel – just for this one it’s worthwhile making Aliyah (moving to Israel)

3. Enjoying Pesach with my parents. We’ve had a great time together (I’ll share some pictures soon)

4. Enjoying a new diaper free family. Yes, Ilan decided one day last week that he was ready

5. Celebrate together with the entire nation our exodus of Egypt. Seeing it at the supermarket, TV, work, radio, streets, garbage bins, etc.

6. Seeing Israeli flags lifted at every light post of the city in preparation to our Independence day. Can you believe how far we got? From leaving Egypt as slaves to celebrating 61 years of our modern state

7. Not having to thoroughly clean the house for Pesach nor do any food shopping or cooking and leaving it all to the hotel while we enjoy the view of the Kineret

8. Not having to clean our big Van and cleaning just our little car. I actually miss our Van especially these days when we have guests. Macy I know you are taking good care of it.

9. Enjoy my kids sing all the Pesach songs and listening to everything they are learning all with a Hebrew accent

10. Being able to live free as a Jew in a land of our own. Why did we leave Egypt in the first place? To get where? You are right…

11. Being able to blog about it :)

What will make this Pesach your Festival of Freedom?

Chag Kasher Ve’Sameach
May this Passover bring your and our entire people a physical and spiritual Freedom.
Lets us all pray to be able to celebrate soon the 5th cup, when He will bring us all to the land which He swore to our ancestors.


AdinaLex said...

That is a beautiful blog entry. It can be hard to stop and notice all of the wonderful things that we all need to be thankful for. Have a truly wonderful Pesaach with your family.

(It's weird, I always miss you and your family around chagim, except for Pesach time, because you were always in Mexico anyway...) I'll be updating my blog soon too.

Anonymous said...

Queridos Liora, Isreal, Batia e Ilan. Me emocione del festival, estoy orgulloso de tenerlos entre mi familia. Como ole jadash-veterano, me enorgullese leer lineas que creia que solo de mi generacion para atras eran actuales,la verdadera realisacion del sionismo es verlos a uds. en Israel sonriendo y viendo con oprimismo el futuro. Estoy seguro que Batia e Ilan ya son sabras y cos causa muchas satisfaccion y orgullo. Tamar y Haim Radzi

Anonymous said...

NOSOTROS TAMBIEN VAMOS A TENER UN PESAJ LIBERADO....Ma nishtana hapesaj hashana? estar cocinando desde hace tres haberme peleado en la carniceria por tener mi pedido de carne completo y cuando lo pedí estar cargando cajas de ollas y platos de un closet a otro... estar sentados en la mesa del seder en casa de Shay y Galia lo que nos llena de orgullo...pero lo que no hubiera querido que este pesaj cambiara es poder tener a todos ustedes sentado en nuestra mesa de Pesaj...Beshana avaha Veyerushalai..(ulai)...JAG PESAJ SAMEAJ
Los Zeides Fele...

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