Sunday, March 29, 2009

The cake - Soccer Hachmonaim

I forgot to include a photo of Ilan's birthday that Liora creatively baked and found ingredients to decorate (please note that there is no ready-to-use baking goods like in the U.S).
From Ilan 3rd b'day

Since we are talking about Soccer, it was interesting watching last night on TV the World Championship qualifier game Israel vs. Greece that was held in Tel-Aviv. It was just funny to hear Israel vs. Yavan (Greece) in Hebrew given that I've always heard Greece in Hebrew when we talk about the Chanukah miracle and battles back in 165 BCE. 2174 years later we face each other and in 90 minutes we decide the winner, or not? The game ended 1 - 1 . Just an interesting point to miracles involved this time during the encounter, however if we really think about it, it has been several miracles to get where we are...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our baby is now 3 years old

Just a quick posting to share with you some pictures of Ilan's birthday.
On Shabbat we had two Mexican families from Raanana and Modiin and we did a small party for Ilan. On his birthday he had a party at his Gan (kinder) without us, but they were very kind of taking pictures for us. That day there was a beautiful rainbow and at night Ilan enjoyed his present.
Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Escape to the woods

Last Sunday I decided to leave work a little early and we all went to the forest/national park called Neot Kedumim 10 minutes from home. We had a picnic at a tent they called “Abraham’s tent” and walked around the beautiful flowers. We had a very nice time. It is nice and important to break the routine. It is difficult to find time to do such things given that we have no Sunday off. The only day the kids get a day off on a regular week is on Saturday. Work on Sundays is one of the things that has been very difficult to get used to. Enjoy the photos below.

An honorable visit
It is so nice to be able to spend some time with my grandmother as she visited Israel. Below is a picture of us after having a delicious breakfast by the Jerusalem wall.
From Other

Photo opp. with the stars
Below is a photo with two co-workers and TV stars from the children’s show “The Island”. Work doesn’t typically look like this….
From Other

Resetting the countdown
Very few days now for my parents visit. I’m very excited about their visit and look forward to spend some time with them over Passover in the North.

Stay tuned for a couple of pictures of Ilan’s birthday cake and party at his Gan.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toss the Osnei Haman away… Get the Matzot out

Purim is over and all those candies and Osnei Haman need to be consumed, why? The entire country is switching from candies and costumes to cleaning products, matzah and food for Passover.

We had a great time on Purim which although it lasts only one day for us it lasted about 4 different days because of the different events we attended. We had a great time celebrating on Friday with the entire city and thousands of people on the streets. It’s a great holiday where regardless of people’s religious level everyone is celebrating. We also attended the Anglo Olim party on Thursday organized by the ministry of Absorption in Modiin. Another party was the Megilah reading itself at our synagogue and the day after to close Purim we were invited to our friends in Raanana to celebrate with many other Mexican families. It was a very fun holiday and so special seeing the entire country celebrating it. It was funny to drive in the traffic towards Raanana and watching many people in their cars and on the busses with costumes. Below are more pictures of Purim as well as a visit to Tel-Aviv’s beach.

We had lots of fun with our friends from Pittsburgh, below are some photos and a video of the kids. Now it’s your time to come and visit us!

I apologize to my blog followers for reducing the creativity on the blog, sometimes I just feel dry, but sometimes there’s lots of material to be funny and creative. Ideas are welcome :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Purim 5769

Dear Family and Friends,

!פורים שמח

We wish you all a wonderful Purim full of Joy and celebration.
It is magnificent to be able to celebrate all the hidden miracles that kept our existence at the same time that we live new hidden miracles that keep us stronger than ever against our enemies.
Enjoy the video card from the kids.

Purim is still tomorrow night, however in total the kids have already been in 3 different celebrations.
It is wonderful to see everyone religious and non-religious celebrating on the streets, at school, at home and at work.
Below are pictures from the different costumes during the different events as well as a video of the kids at a costume parade.

The Family Visit clock
It was great to host our uncle the last couple of weekends, very nice hosting our friends from Pittsburgh last week and this upcoming weekend, I’m resetting the clock for my grandmother’s visit. It’s wonderful to keep on resetting it all the time…Keep it going for us.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogging like a Pro - Visitors are Welcome

Blogging like a pro
I’ve been wanting to write about this very interesting meeting I had at work.
You think blogging is interesting or fun? How about profitable? How about making a living out of it? (don’t worry, I will not get to levels that anyone would want to advertise here or pay me to blog).
My meeting was with 2 people representing their interactive internet company and a 19 year old kid. It turns out that this 19 year old has one of the highest blog following among teens in Israel. I felt like a little boy in front of this professional blogger. He did some activities for us and earned some good money to do what he knows how to do best. So here I am, just a modest blogger.
See the video below, I know it’s cheesy…It’s supposed to be cheesy.

Some interesting facts about the video, is that it talks about life before Sipahh: war & no water in the Kineret (Sea of Galilee) and life after Sipahh: Peace and lots of water in the Kineret. The other things are teenage inside jokes about a rock group.
Well, as per war, I guess we are not officially at war anymore (if you don’t count the more than 100 rockets that have been launched from Gaza to Israeli civilians since the “ceasefire”).
As per water, last weekend it rained and it rained and it rained. The Kineret did see a big improvement (22 centimeters) however it’s still more than 5 meters below the mark. It’s definetly good to see all that rain it isn’t that exciting when a lot of that water makes its way into your house as it happened on Sunday when we woke up to wet floors and waterfalls from our walls, but all that has been taken care of now.
It was interesting meeting this 19 year old blog genius. It has been also interesting going through a war as well as living with a big dependance on rain water.

Visitors are welcome
The surprise visitor arrived last Friday. It is great hosting our uncle who made a surprise visit to our cousin that’s here for a year. It’s always great to see family. They both spent last weekend with us.
And now I’m setting the “next family visit” clock to our good friends from Pittsburgh that are visiting this Thursday. We are eager to see you all. Very soon we will also see my grandma and later my parents. You are all welcome to visit at anytime!

I’m very excited about the upcoming holiday of Purim and will probably be sharing a lot of pictures and experiences soon, so keep an eye on the blog and don’t forget to post a comment so that I know that I’m not writing to myself.
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