Monday, March 23, 2009

Escape to the woods

Last Sunday I decided to leave work a little early and we all went to the forest/national park called Neot Kedumim 10 minutes from home. We had a picnic at a tent they called “Abraham’s tent” and walked around the beautiful flowers. We had a very nice time. It is nice and important to break the routine. It is difficult to find time to do such things given that we have no Sunday off. The only day the kids get a day off on a regular week is on Saturday. Work on Sundays is one of the things that has been very difficult to get used to. Enjoy the photos below.

An honorable visit
It is so nice to be able to spend some time with my grandmother as she visited Israel. Below is a picture of us after having a delicious breakfast by the Jerusalem wall.
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Photo opp. with the stars
Below is a photo with two co-workers and TV stars from the children’s show “The Island”. Work doesn’t typically look like this….
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Resetting the countdown
Very few days now for my parents visit. I’m very excited about their visit and look forward to spend some time with them over Passover in the North.

Stay tuned for a couple of pictures of Ilan’s birthday cake and party at his Gan.

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AdinaB said...

Fantastic Photos! It looks like you had a wonderful time on our family outing. Batya is so beautiful in those pictures - I know she is only 5, but she looks older. Keep up the postings - I always look forward to reading them!

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