Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogging like a Pro - Visitors are Welcome

Blogging like a pro
I’ve been wanting to write about this very interesting meeting I had at work.
You think blogging is interesting or fun? How about profitable? How about making a living out of it? (don’t worry, I will not get to levels that anyone would want to advertise here or pay me to blog).
My meeting was with 2 people representing their interactive internet company and a 19 year old kid. It turns out that this 19 year old has one of the highest blog following among teens in Israel. I felt like a little boy in front of this professional blogger. He did some activities for us and earned some good money to do what he knows how to do best. So here I am, just a modest blogger.
See the video below, I know it’s cheesy…It’s supposed to be cheesy.

Some interesting facts about the video, is that it talks about life before Sipahh: war & no water in the Kineret (Sea of Galilee) and life after Sipahh: Peace and lots of water in the Kineret. The other things are teenage inside jokes about a rock group.
Well, as per war, I guess we are not officially at war anymore (if you don’t count the more than 100 rockets that have been launched from Gaza to Israeli civilians since the “ceasefire”).
As per water, last weekend it rained and it rained and it rained. The Kineret did see a big improvement (22 centimeters) however it’s still more than 5 meters below the mark. It’s definetly good to see all that rain it isn’t that exciting when a lot of that water makes its way into your house as it happened on Sunday when we woke up to wet floors and waterfalls from our walls, but all that has been taken care of now.
It was interesting meeting this 19 year old blog genius. It has been also interesting going through a war as well as living with a big dependance on rain water.

Visitors are welcome
The surprise visitor arrived last Friday. It is great hosting our uncle who made a surprise visit to our cousin that’s here for a year. It’s always great to see family. They both spent last weekend with us.
And now I’m setting the “next family visit” clock to our good friends from Pittsburgh that are visiting this Thursday. We are eager to see you all. Very soon we will also see my grandma and later my parents. You are all welcome to visit at anytime!

I’m very excited about the upcoming holiday of Purim and will probably be sharing a lot of pictures and experiences soon, so keep an eye on the blog and don’t forget to post a comment so that I know that I’m not writing to myself.


Anonymous said...

You're not writing to yourself. We enjoy your blog very much!
Ilana and Dan

Anonymous said...

You're not writing to yourself. We enjoy your blog very much!
Ilana and Dan

AdinaLex said...

I love the video, it was very cool! I showed it to Yair and explained it to him. I am going to have too try to find the American version of Sippahs in the store for him to try!


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