Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Toss the Osnei Haman away… Get the Matzot out

Purim is over and all those candies and Osnei Haman need to be consumed, why? The entire country is switching from candies and costumes to cleaning products, matzah and food for Passover.

We had a great time on Purim which although it lasts only one day for us it lasted about 4 different days because of the different events we attended. We had a great time celebrating on Friday with the entire city and thousands of people on the streets. It’s a great holiday where regardless of people’s religious level everyone is celebrating. We also attended the Anglo Olim party on Thursday organized by the ministry of Absorption in Modiin. Another party was the Megilah reading itself at our synagogue and the day after to close Purim we were invited to our friends in Raanana to celebrate with many other Mexican families. It was a very fun holiday and so special seeing the entire country celebrating it. It was funny to drive in the traffic towards Raanana and watching many people in their cars and on the busses with costumes. Below are more pictures of Purim as well as a visit to Tel-Aviv’s beach.

We had lots of fun with our friends from Pittsburgh, below are some photos and a video of the kids. Now it’s your time to come and visit us!

I apologize to my blog followers for reducing the creativity on the blog, sometimes I just feel dry, but sometimes there’s lots of material to be funny and creative. Ideas are welcome :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog. It's great to be able to envision your life in Israel. I loved the video card from the kids!

Israel W. said...

Thanks for your comments. Please use your first name so that I can recognize who left it.
Enjoy the blog.

AdinaB said...

Today I spent an hour shopping for pesach items at Murray Avenue Kosher. It was my *first* trip, I am sure there will be many more. Don't you miss that place?

Also, my kids are OBSESSED with Sippahs - you are going to have to start selling them over here...

Have a great week!

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