Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy 110th blog post!

You might ask yourself, why is 110 so significant? Why not 100, or maybe 120? The truth is that I completely missed the 100th so lets celebrate the 110.

Thanks for your following, I have enjoyed sharing with you our experiences here in Israel. Please keep on posting comments at least I know someone is at the other side of the screen.

Some numbers to celebrate:

7,264 Visits

10,888 Page visits

2,347 Visitors from 67 countries


Thank you.

Now with the post…

During my last post I talked about misspells on packaging. It’s funny but the day after at work we had some urgent packaging/care instructions translation needed from English to Spanish, so there I was thinking of my blog post and now I need to make sure it all makes sense and there are no misspells, I read it several times to make sure it was 100% :)

We had a wonderful Pesach, we were 18 (9 adults and 9 kids) at the Seder night with 2 other Mexican families which all contributed with food. We finished all at 12:30am by which most of the children were still awake, participating and singing. It was a very joyous holiday.

We did many things during the holiday, here are some pictures of all that we did the week of Pesach including: Visit park Canada (forest 15 away from home), Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea, the new Modiin Park, seeing the Harley Davidson ROI (Raiders of Israel), a day at the pool with our friends, and a visit to Mrs. Greenberg.


Anonymous said...

Harley Davidson guys call themselves "riders of Israel" according to their shirts. Is "Raiders" your term or a typo? :)

-- Eric

Israel W. said...

Thanks Eric.
At least I know someone is reading this blog.
I guess I could say I spelled it Raiders on purpose, but I didn’t.
In Spanish we say “Cae mas rapido un hablador que un cojo”, which means that someone who speaks a lot falls before a one legged man.
I’m referring to my previous post where I talk about bad spelling on Israeli packaging (peckedging).

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