Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why is this packaging different from all other packedging?

I hope you all had a wonderful Pesach, for my readers outside of Israel, I guess you are still doing the matzah thing? I ate a delicious Shwarma on a big warm laffa today. :)
Pesach apart from being one of my favorite holidays because of the family interaction, food and all the different symbols it has, it brings with it a great opportunity to get to know new products. When all the big brands are eaten and get all the market share during the year it’s time for those little ones that have their Kasher for Pesach, Lelo chashash kydniot niche (a topic I would not dare to explain or discuss). And Pesach is exactly their time to shine.
Here are some pictures to expose some great Packaging examples from these great quality niche products:
1. ChocoNit
The #1 instant chocolate milk powder brand in Israel is called ChocoLit (by Strauss-Elite), this Kasher Le Pesach knock off is called ChocoNit. Read closely the product description and you will find what makes this product worth of a mention on this blog.
From Sabra Album
Instent Cocoa Drink?
But still it was enjoyebl :)
From Sabra Album
2. Matzah meal
One of our home’s favorite dish (after pasta) is Matzah Balls. And this time Liora made them from scratch by using some real Matzah meal (grinded Matzah), eggs and carbonated water (which we happen to have unlimited supply). I really hope I don’t have too many misspells/typos on my blog but at least I know that the word Ibgredients will be automatically detected by any spell-check on any language (unless you write it in all Caps). See below.
From Sabra Album
By the way the matzah balls came out better than the prepared powder they sell
3. Mimrach Tmarim (Dates spread)
One of the greatest discoveries I had this Pesach was how good Matzah tastes with a good Mimrach Tmarim, it even competes against Matzah with avocado and salt. I need to give credit to this product since it tasted sooooo good, but it’s just funny how they explain some of its uses in the back.
From Sabra Album
English is complicated, if it sounds like “Y” why do you have to write “IE”, but then again a simple spell check would have discovered Cooky, but wait, all caps once more. Conclusion, either get someone to read through your packaging translations or do not write in all caps. :)
(*Note: After posting this I received a comment -see comments- that "Cooky" is actually a legitimate spelling, and I checked, she is right. Why is English so complicated?, thanks "mother in Israel")
But you should not judge a book by its cover, below a front shot of the product, I really recommend it.
From Sabra Album
If you are about to make Aliyah and are reading this blog, here is a great job opportunity: Check for this relatively small companies and offer your English proofreading consulting work, they really need your help, especially for text in all caps :)
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mother in israel said...

Sorry, cooky is a legitimate spelling. :)

Israel W. said...

Thanks to "Mother in Israel" for her note on "Cooky" being a legitimate spelling. You learn something new every day.
Why is English so complicated?

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