Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Goodbye Pittsburgh :(

Apparently the Blog has been gaining some momentum. We got into the World Bnei Akiva website (, thanks for your interest Zvika, I'm glad to share my experience with BA chaverim. Also thanks for posting the Youtube video our madrichim put together. Great job to the madrichim, this beautiful tribute to Liora and our family can be viewed here:

This week has had a lot of sad goodbyes.

We are taking with us all the love and wishes from our friends. We love you all and will miss you a lot.

I was thinking of the people we knew when we first got to Pittsburgh (zero) and looked around during our farewell party and realized how warm of a community Pittsburgh is. It's very hard to say goodbye to all of you and we thank you for helping us be part of your community for these 8 years. Thanks to all the party organizers, the hosts, and to all that attended we had a wonderful time and felt very honored. The scrap books for us and for Batya were beautiful, we can't wait to get the completed ones.

Thanks to my Heinz volleyball team (Kristin, you asked for it and now you are featured in the blog), the happy hour was very... happy, but then sad to say goodbye as well.

The house is now empty and we are closing in several hours. It was sad to see it empty and take all the mezuzot from the doors. Each of the mezuzot will now be able to bless our home in Israel. We have been sleeping outside of our home since Tuesday, thanks to our lovely hosts Lisa and David for adopting us for the week, we feel at home.

It is amazing the help and support we have received since we got here in 2000 until this moments. I feel grateful to have you as friends. Our doors are open for every single one of you whenever you visit Israel.

Friday we drive to NY and we'll spend the weekend with our family. Monday is the big day.

Goodbye Pittsburgh friends, we will certainly miss you.


yudis said...

Queridos hijos:
No nos extraña las muestras de cariño que han recibido de la gente de la comunidad de Pittsburgh, pues desde el momento que ustedes llegaron las puertas de su casa siempre estuvieron abiertas para todos.La fama de ser magníficos anfitriones se corrio por todos lados. Esa casa que dejan ahora estuvo llena de bondad,don de gentes pero sobre todo del amor que se tienen y que se refleja en Batya E Ilan convirtiendolos en niños muy especiales.
D-s los ha acompañado en esta aventura y asi seguira y estamos seguros que cosecharán en Israel lo que han sembrado desde el momento que decidieron unirse para formar esta preciosa familia.
Estamos muy orgullosos de ustedes.
Los queremos mucho y los extrañaremos mucho pero ya estamos contando los dias para verlos pronto en la Haretz.
Que tengan un muy felíz viaje.
Bobe Yudis

aviva said...

Dear Liora and family,
What a beautiful journey you're about to make. I Wish you all the best of luck, keep strong, and enjoy.
I will check up on you on your blog to see how you are doing, so keep writing!

Aviva Lopes Cardozo- Goudsmit

Stefanie said...

We're all still very sad and miss you but we know this is the right thing for you guys! Good luck and have a great and safe trip!

love, Stef, Jase, Gabe, and Alex

Cherina said...

Israel & Liora - Thinking of you and looking forward to watching the video!

Adina said...

It is unbelievably cool to watch you get off the plane in another country! I love the internet! It seems like the whole experience was overwhelming and amazing at the same time! I hope you had a great first day in your new homeland!

All my love,

Macy said...

It was thrilling to watch the video so I can only imagine what it was like being in the room. I can't wait to hear what the first days were like.

Kristin said...

Israel--thanks for the callout! :-) We just went through our first game without you and miss you terribly. I hope you had a safe journey and are off to a great start in your new home!! I look forward to reading more...

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