Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Unemployed and almost homeless but happy.

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This last week has been charged with many emotions and we are still a little less than 2 weeks away.

We celebrated 4 of July for the last time in the U.S before we move to Israel. It was great having our NY family come and visit and help with the kids and the packing (thanks Picos).

Last Monday was my last day at Heinz. It was a very strange feeling having to say goodbye to people I have closely worked with for the last 6 years but being happy for what the future will bring. A very nice "surprise" farewell party was put together. I will miss you all, thanks for your great wishes. One of the nicest notes I got from a friend at Heinz included the quote from the book of Joshua (Chapter 1, ) “Be strong and very courageous” and that for me just sums it all up. This was said by G'd to Joshua 3 times as he took the leadership role from Moses to lead the Jewish people to the promised land (Rashi explains that the 1st one was on worldly pursuits, 2nd in Torah and 3rd at war). As I have commented to many, I have no doubt that G'd has had a lot to do with the way things have been turning for us and knowing that G'd is with us just makes it so much easier.

Today was also a tough day as we saw a lot of our personal goods being packed and taken out for shipment. I'm just glad we are done with that, however the house does look a little weird and there is a strange echo when we talk. So our shipment went out today and should get to Israel in 6 to 10 weeks. Here's a picture to show how our living room looked as they were getting ready to take out our stuff.

I also wanted to share with you a great story of a person who we met a week ago. She is a real inspiration and at the age of 88 will be making Aliyah on the same flight as we are. Her story was published in the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle (click here for article). She was a passenger on the Exodus back in 1947 and was unable to immigrate to Palestine but is now fulfilling her dreams.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Rafael said...

Queridos Israel y Liora. Les deseamos todo lo mejor en esta nueva etapa. Tambien los felicitamos por estar persiguiendo su sueño... y por alcanzarlo! Un fuerte abrazo de Rafa y Valentina.

Marcela Pérez Déctor said...

Isra y Liora, nos da mucho gusto volver a escuchar de ustedes y sobre el que compartan con nosotros este sueño que están alcanzando. Les enviamos también un fuerte abrazo y todos nuestros mejores deseos para esta nueva etapa Gustavo y Marcela

Dani said...

this blog is brilliant idea!
i'm so waiting for you guys...

Chanoch said...

רעיון הבלוג נפלא ליאורה וישראל, יישר כח, אנו נמשיך להתרגש בשבילכם אוהבים ורד וחנוך גנן והילדים

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