Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays - NO work on December 25

To all my Jewish readers, I hope you had a wonderful Chanukah, to others:

Happy Holidays!

If you have been following the blog for over a year you might recall a post titled “Working on Dec. 25” where I recall that it’s my first Dec. 25th in my professional life that I work. Take a look at it here: Happy Holidays - Work on Dec. 25

Why didn’t I work this Dec. 25? Well…nothing to do with the date, it’s just a Friday and over here our weekend is on Fridays and Saturdays.

We actually had a very special Dec. 25 and 26th with some very special guests that stayed with us this Shabbat.

This Shabbat we were lucky to have the opportunity to volunteer to host 2 soldiers from a special program called Nativ. These soldiers are new immigrants from the Former Soviet Union that came to live in Israel from Jewish families however are not Jewish according to halacha (Jewish law). This program is the first of other seminars that these soldiers are doing as part of their formal conversion program.

It was special for me to be able to take them to the synagogue for the second time in their entire lives and explain what, where, when & how. It was probably the first time in their lives sitting at a Shabbat table. I hope we were able to give them a good taste of what a Jewish family is and what Shabbat is all about.

Shavua Tov. Have a great week!

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