Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays - Work on Dec. 25

Happy holidays to everyone.

Our Chanuka has been wonderful. Everything is so festive, there are chanukiot everywhere. We have family visiting and thank G’d a full house with my inlaws, sister in law, grandma & cousin, it’s great seeing them all and celebrating chanuka together. We are all looking forward to having a great time together. As you can see I have reset the countdown for the next family visit end of January, we are very excited to have Bashe coming.

We have had several chanuka parties including the one on Batyas gan (kinder), today we have Ilan’s, we had one in Raanana at our Mexican friend’s, we are doing one to celebrate also my mother in law’s birthday, had one yesterday in Jerusalem where we were “honored” among others by World Bnei Akiva (youth organization) for making Aliyah (moving to Israel).

I did not realize until the end of the day but it’s the first time in my professional life that I work on a December 25. It will also be the first time I work on a January 1 not to mention the Sundays that I’m still not used to them being a work day, however I must admit that a no work Friday is very very very nice (but not as nice as a Sunday).

Talking about Sundays, we are very proud of our Black & Gold (Steelers) and have been following them every week. I’m glad the last two games are 1pm (8 pm Israel), because the 4pm (11pm Israel) was making me just a little bit tiered the morning after. I’m still not sure how we will manage to watch the Superbowl at 3am Israel time.

Enjoy this great season: Chanukah, Christmas, New year, Kwanza, Shabat Shalom.

Some pictures below:

Also to add to my Sabra Album:

Below photos of a chanukia right next to a Sukah (hey at least they are doing it all). I took this yesterday at Jerusalem.

From Chanuka II 5769

From Chanuka II 5769

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