Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chanukah is Over...War is not.

War continues
There is nothing else on people’s mind but the war situation. TV constantly showing on the news, radio updating every significant event (in addition to the regular every hour update), newspapers & people at work talking about it. It is a true concern for the entire country and very scary for all those in the south.
Let’s hope for a quick resolution and end to terrorism.
Thanks for all your emails and thinking about us here.

Chanukah is over with full strength
The last day of Chanukah is the brightest of all with all 8 candles lit. It was also bright at home since we had many people to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday as well as Chanukah. We had a great time, it was great meeting many of my in-laws friends. We ordered also a giant pizza just like in Batya’s birthday but this time we asked for a Chanukiya on the Pizza. I could see how happy my mother in law was and that made us happy too.
We also had Ilan gan’s (kinder) Chanukah party. Nothing as elaborate as Batya’s but it was very nice to see Ilan singing in Hebrew.
It has been very nice to have all this company at home. The kids are also happy to see them all. They have been touring around many sights, museums, meeting friends, etc. We are all traveling tomorrow and Friday to the north (not the south), we are staying at a Kibbutz were Grandma’s friend lives. I’m really looking forward to a couple of days far from work.
This was a very significant Chanukah for me, throughout the day I was reminded of the holiday, I ate in average probably 2 sufganiot daily (Chanukah Doughnuts), several parties, the kids celebrating it beautifully at school, wishing everyone at work daily happy hanukah, and being in Modiin the same place were the Maccabim (Chanukah hereos) lived.

See below the many pictures from last week. Also to the right look for the latest Youtube videos to see Ilan’s Chanukah party and the birthday/Chanukah party.

I’ve got to show off some of my work at work :) It’s all in Hebrew but it still looks cool.

Take a look at our product’s renewed website

Oh yeah… Happy new Year. 2009……


AdinaLex said...

That pizza is so cute! It must have been so nice having the whole family come visit. It looks like you had a great time. The Sippah website is cute too - When I read it I was amazed at how much Hebrew I really know!

Happy New Year! be safe!

Anonymous said...

It was wonderful to read your blog and see the pictures. Every plant has a place where it blooms best. Clearly, the Weissers bloom best in Israel! Also, it was fun to see all the places you're going -- I'm reminded of the time when you had just moved to Pittsburgh and went somewhere fun and new all the time :)
Warm wishes from snowy Pittsburgh. Stay safe.
Love, Dan and Ilana

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