Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chanuka Sameach 5769

Dear Family and Friends,

חנוכה שמח

From Modiin the land of the Makabim we send you our wishes for a joyous Chanuka full of light and miracles.

It is a true miracle to be able to light Chanuka candles exactly where the Makabim lived and see how our people, religion, culture and land illuminate the world stronger than ever.

Enjoy the video card from the kids below.

Difference between פּ (Pei) and שׁ (Shin)

Last Thursday we had Batya’s Chanuka party at her Gan (Kindergarten). I must say it gave so much meaning to our Aliyah (move to Israel).

Apart from being impressed by how the teacher was able to coordinate 30 children into doing such a fantastic spectacle for close to 1 hour, I was mesmerized by experiencing every single aspect of this party that go deeper to the wonderful show of light effects, songs, poetry, prayers, music and dance the kids put together. It is beyond words to describe the feeling but just watching Batya perform songs of Chanukah all in Hebrew around children from which more than half arrived in Israel in the last 2 years, in the land of the Makabim who fought and miraculously won and achieved our cultural and religious independence made it very special. The evening also included poetry and prayers around Chanuka as well as our land and soldiers. It is truly a miracle to see all these happen in front of my eyes from the national & religious level as well as the personal level where I can see Batya growing up and being educated in this environment. It brought a lot of meaning to our Aliyah.

The difference between פּ (Pei) and שׁ (Shin) cannot be measured. פּ (Pei) stands for Po (Here) and שׁ (Shin) stands for Sham (There). The theme of Chanuka repeats “Nes gadol Haya Po/Sham” (Big Miracle Happened Here/There) depending on your location. For the first time we are celebrating Chanuka Po (here) where the miracle happened and where miracles are still happening, and if you don’t believe me, come and see it for yourself.
Below are pictures of the party. Enjoy.

Videos of the party (all 13 of them) can be watched on the links below or by going to :


Next Family visit
I have just added a countdown clock to the blog on the right so that I can count together with you the next family visit. We are anxious to have you all here.

Oh yeah...My Birthday
Nothing too fancy. I just spent a long day at work and then got my cake at home with the sweetest people in my life. See some pics. below.


rajelfele said...

Además de los increíbles videos, las fotos y los buenos deseos, el countdown fue lo que más emoción me dio. Ya me urge ver todo en vivo.
Les mando un besote y Jag Januka Sameaj

Dr. David Hackam said...

fantastic blog. brings tears to my eyes. wishing you - and all of us - much love and peace.
david h

Shay said...

Que padrisima fiesta de januke. Y que preciosa esta esa Batyush!
Les deseamos januka sameaj desde el polo norte... digo Chicago.

Los queremos
Los Fele de Chicago

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