Monday, December 29, 2008

War in the South - The Modern Maccabeam

Not to worry we are all doing fine. We are with the good guys. :)

Although we are far from the Gaza strip I must admit that I do feel a little nervous. The truth is that nothing is really far from anything in this Eretz Haktana (little land) especially when you live right in the middle of the country.

In addition to the attacks in the Gaza strip in response to rocket attacks to Israeli civilians in the South, there has been a lot of smaller incidents all around the country from which 2 of them hitting very close to Modiin. A stabbing Arab worker in Modiin-Ilit in the town of Kiryat Sefer (about 15 minutes from here) and stone throwing on route 443 (road from Modiin to Jerusalem).

We are all trying to be careful but exactly how? People continue to live their own lives as usual, except for those in the south that are really affected by the latest rocket attacks in their cities.

Yesterday 6,500 reservists were approved to be called to duty. We saw many more people wearing their uniforms on the streets and in their cars going to their military bases.

I recently came across an interesting blog following the war live (now that's a Blog)
Thanks Steff for the site and the heads up on route 443 (actually all the family took that road today to get to and from Jerusalem).

The last day of Chanukah was celebrated last night and today. We celebrated our freedom as the Maccabeam fought for the freedom of our religion, culture and land. Today my heart and prayers are with our modern day Maccabeam who under the Israeli army are fighting against terror to keep our cities safe and bring peace to our region.

Keep tuned for a post on yesterdays Chanukah/mother in law birthday party.

Stay safe and may all your prayers help bring peace to the land of Israel and all its surroundings.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Thanks for your link :)

(My blog is normally about aliya and life in the Shomron...)

Just as FYI; you wrote Yesterday 6,500 reservists were called to duty the reservists were approved for the draft, but havent all been actually called up. (Its a preliminary measure).

Enjoy your stay in Israel!

(Tova Haaretz M'od M'od!)

Jameel @ The Muqata

Shiffara said...

I am so glad to hear that you and your family are safe. Everytime I watch the news or hear about the fighting on the radio, I think of you and hope you are all together and safe and staying strong. I hope 2009 brings peace to Israel and your family.

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