Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pre-Chanukah photo treats

Just a quick post to share some photos of two different events at Ilan’s gan. One was when we planted some plants outside of his classroom and the other one a pre-Chanukah party with some photos with Ariela.

Chanukah is not even here and I have already eaten more than 5 sufganiot or pontchkes (Punch-cakes as Batya calls them in Idish) – i.e Chanukah doughnuts.

Cant wait for our trip to Mexico. In honor to both our trip to Mexico and Chanukah I can’t think of a better song but the following, enjoy:

Sorry about the quality, it was the best I could find online.

Get it? La Bamba? Mexico? Menorah, Chanukah? :)

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AdinaLex said...

Chag Sameach to you too!!! Wish we could celebrate with you! The photos are great. Don't eat too many sufganiot!!! (We now have a Kosher Dunkin Donuts where we can get ours!) Enjoy the latkes - This morning Avi woke my up by telling me, "Mommy, I hate latkas! I only like candy."

Happy Chanuka!


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