Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Revolt by the Mediterranean

Revolt by the Mediterranean
Last week we celebrated Lag Baomer (celebrating the victory of Bar Kochva’s revolt against the Romans among other things) and went with friends camping by the beach. We had a very good time and the kids were so excited about the adventure. The adventure started even before we arrived because we had to look for wood to put together our bonfire, no wonder why I saw a week or more ago children all over Modiin gathering pieces of wood, so what we did was stop by an industrial city and look by their waste areas. We celebrated Lag Baomer by lighting the bonfire which also served to enjoy our hot dogs, marshmallows and handmade Pitas. We sang and even studied about the holiday by the fire. At night I witnessed what must have been a youth revolt outside our tent given the loud voices of drunk singing kids in addition to their firework show that went all night long, so we did not get much sleep that night (the kids did). It seems like tents have a peculiar acoustic property that make the outside sound as if it was right next to the tent.
In the morning we enjoyed the beach and then visited a nearby town (Zichron Yaakkov). We had a great time. Enjoy the pictures.

Sabra Album
You become a local if you start breaking some of the nonsense laws, a couple of pictures to illustrate with an example. I guess we are becoming locals now. This can be part of the Sabra Album. (You can also visit Sabra Album Take 1 , Take 2 , Take 3 and Machane Yehuda Edition if you missed them. Continuing to post pictures that talk about how Israel is such a special and interesting place. These pictures are so unique to Israel that I’m calling them “Sabra Album” (Click here for definition of Sabra).)
From Sabra Album

You can see we camped right there.

From Sabra Album

From Sabra Album

Just a stroll through the beach on “beach clothing”

An amazingly brave girl
It was 3 weeks already since Batya broke her elbow. She was so brave throughout those 3 weeks. The cast did not stop her. She went by writing with her left hand and the last week she even started to use her right hand. At her school the teacher said that she refused to be helped and did not want any special treatment, she pushed hard to be able to accomplish what she needed. The cast was taken out last Monday and she was not afraid at all (she just mentioned she was a little nervous), I remember when at 13 they took my cast out and I cried like a 5 year old (I guess 5 year olds don’t cry, at least not my daughter). Now that she doesn’t have the cast every new movement she does is a celebration and accomplishment, very soon she will be back to normal. I’m so proud of her.
Below a couple of new pictures with my grandmother signing on Batya’s cast.

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AdinaLex said...

Great blog entry - we've been waiting for an update! Isn't it amazing how resilient kids can be? It looks like camping on the beach was a lot of fun...

Keep us posted on the job hunt - any funny stories to share? Good Luck!

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