Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We are very proud of you Hillel!

Today we all went South to our cousin’s graduation from Marva where he had a 6 week military training program.
I will have a future post with photos from our trip to the South, in the meantime I wanted to share with you the photos and videos of the graduation ceremony.
The ceremony was held in the Negev (southern part of Israel, desert) in Sde Boker by the grave of David Ben Gurion (Israel’s George Washington :) ) who had his humble home right there with a breathtaking view of the desert. His dream was to populate and make the Negev fruitful, today the biblical city of Beersheva is the 4th largest Israeli city and it’s located in the middle of the desert. By the way we were there and had a very fruitful meal.

Hillel we are very proud of you and were so glad to be able to be there with you in such an exciting moment. You have a month to go on your program and we are sad to see you go but at the same time glad we were able to spend time with you. Congratulations on this achievement!

For those of you that would have liked to be there below are the photos and videos to make you feel closer to the event. Enjoy.

I just thought about it but today we were closer to Sinai where the giving of the Torah happened.
Chag Sameach to all.

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Los Picovsky's said...

Todos nos sentimos muy orgullos de lo que Hillel ha logrado hacer en ésta experiencia única en Israel. No solamente que el programa resultó ser muy completo, tanto en la parte educativa como en la turística, sino que además le enseño todos los aspectos de la vida en Israel y en eso Hillel, logró adaptarse como si fuera todo un israeli. Pero definitivamente el saber que los tenía a ustedes cerca, fue un factor muy importante para el éxito de su viaje. No tenemos palabras para agradecerles todo lo que han hecho por él, para nosotros fué una tranquilidad el saber que Hillel no iba a estar sólo en ningún momento y eso gracias a d-s, es por la unidad y amor de nuestra familia. Gracias por compartir estas najes con nosotros.

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