Monday, January 12, 2009

Meet our new pet + Sabra Album

Meet our new pet

Just a quick blog to share a photo of our new pet.
Yes we have a pet, it’s a Praying Mantis that has been standing in the outside of our mosquito net to our backyard. It has been there for 2 weeks or more and it does move.
A silly thought…are praying mantis in Israel praying in Hebrew? :)

From Sabra Album

Sabra Album - Take 3:
You can also visit Sabra Album Take 1 and Take 2 if you missed them.
Continuing to post pictures that talk about how Israel is such a special and interesting place. These pictures are so unique to Israel that I would like to call them “Sabra Album” (Click here for definition of Sabra).

Sign reads “Parking Prohibited” (ok this is not unique to Israel, but we have it too)
From Sabra Album

Chanukiyah made out of Heineken beer bottles in the mystical city of Safed
From Sabra Album

Sign reads: “Because of the fire, Safed candles open two doors down” The candle store did burn down.
From Sabra Album
From Sabra Album

And now back to the Steelers playoff game...

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Yossi said...

I thought you might appreciate this song about the Steelers, called Stairway to Seven

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