Friday, January 9, 2009

A Blessing - Parshat Vayehi

Every Friday at Batya’s gan (kindergarten) one of the 20 girls gets to be Ima Shabbat (Sabath mother) and they need to bring candies and a story about that week’s torah portion, they also take stage in a Shabbat table in front of the class.
When we picked her up today from gan her teacher said that she did it so nicely that she (the teacher) felt like crying. She described the faces of Batya’s Israeli friends who were amazed to hear her speak so nicely in Hebrew for so long. Batya came back from gan so happy and we are so proud of her. Now that’s a blessing.
The Torah portion apart from talking about the death of Yaakov (Jacob) and Yosef (Joseph) it talks about, the blessing Jacob gave to Joseph's children Menashe & Ephraim (Genesis 48:16), Hamalach Hagoel that was posted on a previous blog called “The Blessings”.
See Batya practicing at home:

Ilan also wanted to take place on this.

May we all be blessed with good children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. May the Angel that redeemed Yaakov from all evil bless our people, our southern citizens and heroic soldiers and redeem us all from all evil.

Shabbat Shalom to all.

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adina B said...

Beautiful children!

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