Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank you soldiers; Rakefet, Rakefet...

Thank you Soldiers
The fight in the South is in everyone’s minds at all times. Yesterday the news got actually distracted for a little while because of the plane accident in the Hudson River, but after that right back to the war in the South. This week we got a little worried when rockets fell also in the North but apparently it was a onetime thing (for the second time!) apparently Lebanon is not really wanting to engage in War nor the terrorists among them from Hezbola. At work there are people that were called to war as well as at our Synagogue.
At the gan the kids write letters and send gifts to soldiers.
Below a video of what the kids wrote and sent to the soldiers. Batya’s letter reads in Hebrew “Thank you for guarding the land of Israel, Batya”.

Rakefet, Rakefet… (Cylcamen, Cyclamen..) :)
Last week we took our Friday tour right in the center of our city in Modiin. There is a place called Givat Hatitura (Titura Hill) that has many archeological sites from different time periods, a very nice view of Modiin and a path called shvil haprachim (Flower path). We had a very nice hike. Flowers are just starting to grow but were very nice. There were mainly two kind of flowers Rakefet (Cyclamen) and Kalaniot (anemone) apparently the unofficial flower of Israel. For all our family and friends in the North East of US, Yes I’m wearing a long sleeve T-shirt mid January.
There is a very famous folk song for the Rakefet. Below is a video of the song, and the two flowers (one is the Kalania and the other is the singer). Please be advised that I received full permission to post this video. Next time we’ll also look for the Kalaniot song…

Below are some pictures of our hike through Givat Hatitura

Paul, Art and Jerusalem.
What do the 3 have in common? Submit your guess in the comments and find out in the next Blog post. Hint- Is the silence a sound?

Shabbat Shalom.

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Liora debe de ser candidata para Kojab Nolad

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