Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Swiffer, our sombreros & two bottles of “Lechera”

It’s like Chanukah in October! As I previously mentioned we received our shipment more than a week ago. Our home looks like the back of a Wal-Mart store with boxes, cartons and paper everywhere, however we are getting there. It’s exciting opening every box and finding something we (or the kids) really missed, and it’s also funny opening other boxes and wondering “what were we thinking?”.

It’s amazing how simple things become so necessary. When you don’t have them you really miss them. For example, one of the two greatest inventions of the 20th century: No. 1 Swiffer (note that I do not get any money for saying this, but I should) how can Israelis continue to mop their floors the way we did 20 years ago? We have even seen a great funnel invention for when we run out of the cleaning solution. No. 2 “La Lechera” on a squeeze bottle (Mexican brand of Sweetened condensed milk). Yes, we did bring two of them. For those that know me very well my favorite breakfast since the introduction of this product is Wheaties with Lechera and milk. Wheaties are unavailable on our Eretz Haktana (little land) but they can be easily replaced by Quaker Oat Squares (Hey, I have to support my own brands). You get the point, the adjustment has to happen even in the smallest things.

As we were going through the boxes, we started to open one that did not weigh much, in fact, we thought it was empty. After opening it and taking out layer upon layer of paper we discovered our two sombreros. A huge box for two sombreros… That was the easiest box to unpack and the dumbest items to bring (not counting the plastic supermarket bags that somehow made their way to the boxes). Someone is being paid by volume here… I can’t complain, the packing was so good that casualties so far have been only one broken glass plate.

Enjoy some pictures of our home full of boxes, boxes and more boxes.

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Stefanie said...

WOW! Don't think the sombrebros were a waste! You never know when you'll need them! But it is nice to know you have all your stuff now and can really make the place home!

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