Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fisrt Rosh Hashana in Israel

Recounts of a very good year
Our first Rosh Hashana in Israel was very nice. First, as I wrote previously you could feel the holiday environment weeks before everywhere (even at McCartney’s concert). As the holiday got closer you could start seeing people buying at the supermarket fish, pomegranates, honey and other traditional products as if they were products under extinction threat. The neighborhood smelled like a blend of deliciously homemade dishes (far from the Gefilte Fish smell on Mexicali 20).
The day finally came. Our first Rosh Hashana after moving in Israel… how do I start recounting for last year and begin to think of the new year, so many huge things happen to us physically, professionally, emotionally and spiritually. Endless prayers I had to make to thank for last year’s help, thank G’d for helping us see clearly and guiding us to get to Israel. Everything went and is going almost perfectly and there has been no doubt in my mind since the start that it’s all His work, showing us that we are in the right track for the purpose he has in our lives.

Praying with the Pros.
Going to the Bet Hakneset (synagogue) here was a nice experience starting with the fact that it’s less than 5 minutes away. It reminded me of a sermon that Rabbi Wasserman gave regarding being like a pro. When you go out bowling you can clearly distinguish between those that are there to just have a good time and those that are real bowlers. The pros bring their own bowling ball and shoes and the rest of us just use the ones they give us there. Well, at our Bet Hakneset it was all Pros., very few Machzorim (prayer books) were available for people, everyone had their own (I had a similar experience in Raanana Israel back in 1989 where I shared a Machzor with a Mexican man who ended up being my father in law 11 years after), it was definitely not a spectator’s sport, we were all playing in it, all singing and praying with great intention. I was praying with the Pros. Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipur were the few days I wore a suit & tie during the year, not anymore, the fashion here is white shirt, no tie, I love it… but need more white shirts :)

Time with family
This time of year always brings great memories. The family meals with the dishes I loved (Galupchikes) and the ones I never dared to even try (Pasha/Fis). Walking to shul early with my father and brother and praying together. Having everyone at the meal was something very special and something I miss tremendously since we moved from Mexico. It has been a blessing to be able to share those meals with friends while away from Mexico. We had 4 very nice meals with friends, 1 at our home where we also had guests and 3 out, it filled out part of the gap of being away from home, we feel the love in those that surround us. Thanks to our hosts and visits. It was nice to host Jill for these couple of days and I hope you felt at home and with family as much as we felt it by having you visit us.

Year’s First week forecast
Many interesting things in the not too distant horizon. I’m going with Batya and her school tomorrow to Jerusalem at 4 am (Yes 4 AM, don’t ask, I’ll write about it soon), also coming up is a huge Bnei Akiva Shabbat at our house with the Mexican Hachshara (coming soon to your favorite Blog) and on Sunday I’m starting to work and I hope I can continue to write as often as I have in the past.

Below are some recent pictures. Enjoy!

Shabbat Shalom to all and G’mar Chatima Tova.


Anonymous said...

Shana Tova para todos los Weisser, como siempre nos conmueve mucho leer lo que escribes, sobre todo el dato del rezo de Rosh Hashana en Raanana hace ya casi 20 años, seguro desde ese momento conquistaste a tu suegrito.
Gracias por la fotos, todos se ven guapisimos.
Gmar Vejatima Tova

Anonymous said...

A gut, gezunt yor para toda la mishpoje!
Mazl, glik, Brius,Parnose toive un Broje!
BTW Isroel... Pitt 3-1 hasta ahora pero no se ve nada bien...Es un hospital. Me habló Big Ben(7) que no es lo mismo sin los Weisser en la ciudad...

Gmar jasime toive y un abrazo caluroso de la Fam. Stern Belfer.

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