Thursday, October 23, 2008

The beginning of "after the holidays"

It arrived. Achrei Hachaguim (after the holidays) just begun. Everything for the last 3-4 weeks was halted until “Achrei Hachaguim”, so I guess it’s now time for everyone in the country to get all those things done. We are in the beginnings of the “after the holidays”.
Sukkot and Simchat Torah were wonderful. It so nice to see that the entire country even though they are not all celebrating it at least they all know of its existence. No need to explain to my boss and colleagues why I can’t work most of the days on this month (I actually enjoyed explaining my holidays but it was hard missing work while everyone else was working). In here everyone was out, they all wish each other Chag Sameach. It was wonderful looking at all the Sukkot (Huts) built everywhere we went. Walking out at night and listening to everyone out singing, eating and chatting in their Sukkot. We were invited to some of the holiday meals at the Sukah of new and newer friends from Israel, England, Ireland and we also met there other families from Scotland, Gibraltar, England. We also hosted to some of the meals to friends from Mexico, Israel, Pittsburgh, distant and “new” family, and our cousin from NY. Isn’t it miraculous that Jews with different backgrounds from around the world are able to celebrate together as Israeli citizens the holidays in the land of the Jews?
Our experience in Mea Shearim (Ultra Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem) was very different. Everything turned black & white and our time seemed to go back a couple hundred years. The streets and sidewalks were all taken by waves of people buying and preparing for Sukkot. Scrutinizing every single inch of their Arbat Haminim (fruit and plants used on Sukkot), buying decorations, etc. Sukkot hanging from every balcony and rooftops filled with them too.
Simchat Torah was very nice too and a little weird given that it was the first and only day as opposed to the second day outside of Israel. The kids were happy dancing in circles with the fake stuffed Torah we got them and eating all the candy they were handed. Kol hanearim was also beautiful hearing all the children singing hamalach, although we missed and are curious to know how the big talit went at Shaare Torah.
I’m grateful that we were able to experience this season in Israel. Take a look at the pictures below for images of Sukkot in Jerusalem, our Sukah and the kids and family, I hope you get a taste of the holiday environment.

Got ballot?
We got our absentee ballots to vote in the American Presidential Elections today. Who will it be?
Also next month we are voting for Mayor in Modiin. I’m not sure how that one works. I’ll just vote for the Jewish candidate…just kidding there is no other choice.
I’m just missing the Mexican elections. We’ll have to wait until 2012 I guess.


Anonymous said...

Hola, aqui tambien llegamos a "ajarei hajaguim y comenzamos la rutina. Las fotos que mandaron estan preciosas, sobre todo la de Ilan con el lulab, ha de ser muy grato seguir usando ropa de verano a estas alturas del año....
Nos da mucho gusto verlos gracias a D -s tan bien y aunque ahora viene la desempacada poco a poco van a ir organizando las cosas.
Les mandamos un beso y nos encanta leer tus anecdotas, Isra.

AdinaB said...

I love the photos of the succahs! We went on succah walks with out kids around town too. Of course picking up our lulav and etrog from shaare torah wasn't nearly as exciting as a trip to Meah Sheaarim! give the kids a kiss and a hug from us!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to describe your new life and adventures. Through the details and the pictures, I almost feel like I'm there!

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