Monday, November 3, 2008

Our bets are in
We received and sent our absentee ballots, now it’s your turn to vote.
It’s a little ironic that I’m exercising my right to vote for the first time as a US citizen from Israel.

Speedy recovery to all
We’ve been here 3 months and the kids have been sick more times than a whole year in Pittsburgh. Ilan had a stomach flu last week and as he went back to day care Batya started with Strept. I guess it’s because they are exposed at school to 3 times the amount of children they were exposed to in Pittsburgh. Another factor could be the fact that they are not into Purel.
We send from Israel prayers for a speedy recovery to Bobe Jaye.

Below are some pictures of the kids.
Make sure also to check our latest videos and watch the kids having fun with the corrugates from the shipment.

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Adina B said...

Hey Israel! I know you are busy, with work, but we want to hear about it! What is new with you guys?

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