Thursday, August 21, 2008

To be Israeli

Today I bought a book that was recommended to me called “To be Israeli” with easy to understand Hebrew. Although I have not started it I thought of putting a line or two on a couple of funny/unusual experiences we had these last days.

You know you are Israeli when:

- You proudly wear your Naot Sandalim (Sandals) everywhere – Today I bought my first pair and made my crocs jealous. I do feel more Israeli on them (the locals probably see me as a tourist on Israeli sandals).
- You have a meeting at the a park where you sign official documents – Yep, that also happened today. We had a meeting with our shipping company sitting down on the park’s sidewalk in Jerusalem. Papers where flying everywhere. It was a very funny scene. Our things will be arriving in Haifa’s port in a week or so (Batya’s Barbies cruise across the Atlantic is coming to and end) after that we hope to have our things in another week or two.
- You honk before the traffic light is green – That one I have not done, however I have been honked before the green light. As many of you know people around here have less Sablanut (patience), because of that the traffic light system has the following colors in this order:
1. GREEN = Go (fast)
2. YELLOW =Start stopping (surprisingly this one is very well respected)
3. RED = Stop
4. RED & YELLOW = Get foot off the brake and honk loudly
5. GREEN = Go (fast)
No kidding on the order of lights.
- You master the 4 swivel wheel drive of shopping carts and have your 5 shekel coin ready– We previously talked about the need for the 4 swivel wheel. It also has a lot to do with the Sablanut issue. The 5 shekel coin is needed to get your shopping cart and you get it back if you return it.
- You eat your hummus everyday – OK maybe not everyday but you do consume a lot of it here.
- You wear your sunglasses on your head – I do not use sunglasses but it’s interesting to see that man do like wearing them on their heads. Don’t ask why, once I become one I will let you know.
- Daven Arvit (night time prayer) on the sidewalk or park with your neighbors – I’ve done the park one. But it’s amazing one can do that around here.
- When you give driving directions you end with “Yashar Yashar Yashar ad hasof” (Straight Straight Straight ‘til the end) or “Yashar Yashar Yashar ve tishal shama” (Straight Straight Straight and ask there) – That is also true 90% of the time.
- You say Shabbat Shalom on Thursdays – Since people’s last day of the work week is Thursday.

Well as you can see we try to enjoy our cultural differences with a little bit of fun. As we discover more of these we will share them with you.

Shabbat Shalom.

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