Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our first guests

It was nice to spend a Shabbat at our home and it was even nicer being able to have friends for dinner on Friday night. It made us feel like we are at our own place and can start sharing with others.
I must admit that we would have liked to have a little more to offer to our guests other than the plastic plates and silverware, wine on plastic, and delicious but creative cooking by Liora given the limited amount of pots and pans we have (all our kitchenware is coming in our shipment). However we had a great time and hope we can host many more of you soon. Pa y Ma (on both sides) we are already waiting for you. Hillel we’ll see you very soon. Jill are you here now? Ariela, Liora, we can’t wait for your trips to Israel to see you around here. Nat, too bad the upcoming summer won’t work, see you some other time.

Continuing the “To be Israeli” theme, I’m right now looking on TV the final for “Kohav Nolad 6” (A star is born) the Israeli version of American Idol. The winner is a kid named Israel in case anyone was wondering. We just followed the last two shows. It was fun, it included some of our favorites from Shlomo Artzi, Arik Einstein, Rita, Etc. and believe it or not it made us feel more Israeli.

We witnessed a funny Israeli moment the other day driving in Jerusalem that I wish I had a camera handy. As we are waiting for a left turn only red light a huge truck not wanting to wait behind us to continue straight, goes half of the wheels on the street and the other half on the sidewalk taking the truck on an almost 45 degree angle, passing us and the rest of the cars and then with a fast drop back straight to the road. After witnessing this barbarous driving act we noticed the writing on the back of the truck: “VeIsrael Nohaguim Vezehirut UBitachon” (In Israel we drive with caution and safe). We just had to burst in laughter.

Please check the blog soon for new pictures of places we have visited as well as family and friends we have seen.

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