Friday, August 8, 2008

Back to civilization

It now feels more like home.

We moved last Friday to our new home and it felt so good. We have unpacked our luggage and now enjoy our own closets, since last Wednesday we got internet, cable TV and telephone. It's starting to feel more like we are here to stay. Back to civilization...

Modiin is beautiful. It all looks relatively new and well planned. We are starting to get around better and better everyday (sorry GPS).

Last Friday we had to make our first big trip to the supermarket to get everything for our new house. It was a unique and interesting experience. In the beginning I did not understand why the carts have 4 swivel wheels but realized that even though people at the busiest time of the week are trying to defy the laws of physics and try to have two objects occupy the same space at the same time, there is no other way to have everyone out of the store by 5pm if the carts would not move horizontaly too. People simply move your cart and push you if you stand for more than 10 seconds. Being able to buy everything from the store knowing that it's all Kosher it's great but a little overwhelming too. The possibilities are endless.

The children are doing great. They are very happy and are adjusting wonderfully. The truth is that for the four of us it feels so far like a vacation with no school, camp or work, except for the many offices we have visited and interviews I have been to. We have booked them to their schools/day care that start on Sept. 1. We have visited a lot of family, friends, and local attractions including a safari/zoo, water park, shopping centers etc.

It has been so nice to be able to reconnect with family, Israeli friends and Mexican friends in Israel over the last 3 weeks. For the next two weekends we will be spending Shabbat in Jerusalem with our family. Thanks for hosting us. Spending the beginning of 9 of Av in Jerusalem will be very meaningful and let's hope that we can soon celebrate on that day.

Our hebrew is getting better and better and we have had many funny occurrences such as Liora asking about a Neguia test vs. Neigah test (Touching test vs. Driving test) as we were going through the drivers license process. Also we have had many times where we buy something on the supermarket without reading every description of the product and at home when we open it we realize it was a different product or flavor. It's a great way to try new things I guess.

Since I have finally access to internet on my computer now I'm able to upload and share videos and photos. The photos below are from our last days in the NY, our arrival in Israel and our first 2 weeks here. I have included a very cute video of the kids below. Please look at the right on "Weisser's on Youtube" for the rest of the videos. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

La mejor idea fue este blog, nos hace sentirlos mas cercanos.
Sus rostros se ven con mucha luz en los ojos y nos da tranquilidad de verlos contentos.
Los extra├▒amos

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