Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Following some feedback to post more often and not necessarily long blogs, here’s some short experience I had today.

Kosher Kentucky Fried Chicken, What a concept!

Today we stopped by The Jerusalem Kenion (Mall) and for the first time I tried a Kentucky Fried Chicken. For non-Kosher people it might sound like a trivial thing to do, but for me it was a big deal.

The KFC and Pizza Hut are right next to each other, however, they are completely separate and the tables are divided by a glass mehitzah. Yes, it’s still Colonel Sanders everywhere, I was nor really expecting to see Rabbi Sanders or the Colonel wearing a Yarmulka. :)

For all those who have never tried it, it’s good but not that big of a deal. Jason’s Super bowl wings far exceed KFC’s, plus KFC’s only come in regular and spicy.

So what’s the big deal of eating at KFC if the meal was just good? Just the fact that I was able to do so. One of the added benefits of living in Israel, it makes me feel like a regular person that’s able to eat at a KFC like anyone else.

Being in Israel makes me feel like I belong here for big things as well as little things.

I would still go for a Shwarma before KFC but now I can say that I have tried it.

By the way Burger King was also good but I wonder what it would taste like with Cheese.


Anonymous said...

Se me hizo agua la boca...por dos razones, por comer KFC y sentarme con ustedes a saborearlo....algún dia

Adina said...

Ahhhhh.... Kosher KFC - Just like a real American!

It sounds like you are enjoying the calm time before real-life starts soon. School, work, and life will get busy soon, but it sounds like you are making the most of the sown-time you have now.

Definitely keep posting little things, more often! It makes us so happy to read about your daily adventures!

Shay said...

I agree with Adina. Keep posting little things. We get a very funny and real idea of what your days look like.

I enjoy great deal reading this blog!!

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