Monday, June 14, 2010

I know what you did last Sunday

Almost 2 years ago as we were just getting assimilated into the Israeli culture I posted about You know you are Israeli when:

Now we are still slowly but surely getting there.

The photo below will be recognized by anyone that was in Israel on Sunday 1 week ago.

From Blogger Pictures

You know you are Israeli when: You put your 3D glasses on to see the opening of Hisardut (the Israeli version of Survivor) in 3D.

Now below a photo that more of you will be familiar with:

From Blogger Pictures

Oh yes, the World cup is here and we certainly watched the opening game where Mexico shamefully tied against South Africa. You would be surprised to know that in addition to being the self proclaimed Chairman of the Mexican Steelers Fan Club in Israel (COMSFCI) I have now named myself also the Chairman of the Mexican World Cup Team Fan in Modiin – Buchman branch (COMWCTFMBB).

Finally, a photo of what my family is starting to look like after the last couple of pictures (just without the pets and the baby):

Until the next time…

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