Sunday, September 21, 2008

Give me my Sunday back!

Hi all,

Ilan is doing much better. His fever is long gone after the antibiotics and he is starting to move his arm. Hopefully we can soon send him to Gan (day care).
Batya is so happy at school, she is starting to learn Hebrew at the speed of light. She has made a couple of more Anglo friends.
Last week thank G-d I signed on my work contract, I will start on October 5. I will wait after I start working to give you the details. I’m very excited to be able to get back to the workforce.
Liora has been taking care of Ilan at home until he goes back to Gan, after that she will join me back at Ulpan (Hebrew classes).

Can you imagine if you went to sleep on Saturday night and when you wake up it’s Monday morning and you need to go to work/school, etc? Yes, it sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? Well, we are still adjusting to that over here. Friday is typically not a work day (although there is school with early dismissal) then Saturday is an official national rest day and Sunday is back to work. Many times we have had miscommunications given that Yom Rishon (First Day) is Sunday but in our minds the first day of the week is Monday right? Wrong? Monday is already Yom Sheni (Second day).

It’s great to feel how the Jewish New Year is coming. You can see it and feel it everywhere: The supermarket, stores, schools, streets, TV, promotions, newspapers, radio, etc. Even the least religious people in Israel know and celebrate in some way the Jewish New Year. It’s not only seeing the Honey and Gefilte Fish on display at the Waterfront Costco and at the Squirrel Hill Giant Eagle, this is practically everywhere, it’s so nice to be able to be part of it.

I’m very excited about this upcoming Thursday’s night concert. Paul McCartney’s visit is a huge deal here in Israel and you can imagine how big it is for me too.

I wanted to share with you some pictures we took a couple of weeks ago at a Park in Modiin similar to the Gan Hamifletzet (Monster Park) in Jerusalem, but this one is a grasshopper.



Weisser de Frondoso said...

Nos da mucho gusto que Ilan se sienta mejor y enterarnos que Batya esta aprendiendo Ibrit en forma rapida y que Isra pronto estaras otra vez en la clase productiva del pais, y tambien a ti Liorita una Braja por cuidar tan bien a tu familia.
D's los bendiga a todos y les de lo que sus corazones desean y que este nuevo año traiga alegrias y felicidades, salud y parnasa y como decimos en español KOL MISHALOT LIBEJEM.
Weisser de Frondoso.

ite said...

Nos encanta leer sus novedades, pero ahora nos da muchisimo gusto oir sus buenas noticias. Felicidades Isra por tu trabajo, te deseamos que sea una buena experiencia para ti y te sientas agusto y dure por mucho tiempo.
Que bueno que Ilan esta mejor y que Batya esta tan feliz. Se nota en las fotos que mandan.
Gracias por las fotos con Hillel, fue una linda sorpresa verlo esta mañana.

Adina B said...

I still don't know Spanish.... What is everyone else writing to you???


Dan and Ilana Schwarcz said...

We're so happy to see you happy, and to enjoy the videos and blog. Shana Tova, dear Weissers. Wishing you the sweetest and most wonderful year yet.
Dan and Ilana

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