Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Batya's 5th birthday party

Last night we celebrated Batya's birthday. I can't believe she is now 5.
We all had a great time, thanks for all those that came to share with Batya and us her birthday.

It was interesting seeing the children interact in different languages and seeing Batya in Spanish/English playing in Spanish with a Spanish/Hebrew girl and in English with an English/Hebrew girl while these other two girls played in Hebrew. I know it sounds confusing but for them it was a piece of cake, speaking of which... the cake was nice but the food highlight was the Giant Pizza. This is the largest pizza I have ever seen and to top it off it had a picture of a princess on it drawn with toppings such as olives, cheese and corn, yes corn is a staple topping in Israeli pizzas, I guess we have to make up for the Treif (forbidden by dietary law) pepperoni.

Below are pictures and a couple of videos from Batya's 5th birthday party. We wish you were all here.


AdinaB said...

Amazing Pizza! That is so cool! I wish they did that here. We wish we could have been there. I can't believe it has been 5 years either! Happy Birthday Batya!

Adina, Eric, Yair and Avi

rajel said...

Woooowwww que fiesta más inetrnacional. Y que pizza seguro les sobró para repartir a todo Modiin.
que bueno que estén tan contentos y además se ve que hacen felices a los demás.
Me urge ir a verlos!!!
Les mando saludos y Mazal Tov!!!

Vivi said...

Gracias por las fotos/videos! Los ninos estaban emocionadisimos de ir a verlos, y la pasaron padre. Veo que mi monstruo grande se sento en un lugar estrategico - le va a dar gusto ver el video al rato. Cuidense mucho mientras y nos hablamos!

Macy said...

Wow that was an amazing Pizza. Do you think I could get the franchise on that?

Lisa H said...

Wow!! Looks like you had a great time!! We wish we could have been with you.
All our love,
Lisa, David, Rachel, Samuel and Yoni

Stefanie said...

Happy birthday Batya! We're so glad you're all doing well (hopefully Ilan will ease in...).

Miss you!

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