Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Child’s prayer

So many emotions and so difficult to write them all.

Last month we had Batya’s mesivat sidur (Prayer book party), where 1st graders from her School Shivtei Israel officially receive their first sidur (prayer book) from which they can now actually read and pray.

The mesiva was beautiful. 120 excited children and 240 proud parents. I’m so thankful to G’d for the opportunity to be celebrating this great accomplishment in my daughters life and to see it happening all in the land of Israel, the place to which all Jews face when praying.

There were many songs with choreography, speeches, official giving of the prayer book and Hamalach Hagoel, the blessing Jacob gave to Joseph's children Menashe & Ephraim (Genesis 48:16) with all the children below a gigantic Talit held by all the fathers.

Batya was so excited for the entire month or more as they were practicing for the event. During the event she was very happy it all came out so well and felt a very strong connection to his prayer book.

That same Friday we went in the afternoon to Jerusalem’s old city before we spent Shabbat in Maale Adumim and Batya brought the new prayer book with her and prayed by the western wall with much intention and straight from her huge heart directly to the ears of G’d.

For the hardcore family and friends who would like to see all pictures you can access it by clicking below.

Mesivat Sidur Batya 5770

For the rest here are some highlights:

From Mesivat Sidur Batya 5770

Receiving her Sidur from Rab David Lau.

From Mesivat Sidur Batya 5770

Hamalach Hagoel prayer under giant Talit

From Mesivat Sidur Batya 5770
From Mesivat Sidur Batya 5770
From Mesivat Sidur Batya 5770

Batya and her teacher.

From Mesivat Sidur Batya 5770
From Mesivat Sidur Batya 5770
From Mesivat Sidur Batya 5770

Also, below some videos for those of you still hanging in there :)

Chodesh tov to all.

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Anonymous said...

Felicidades,muy emotiva tu narraciòn, las fotos el video y confirmamos que esta es la razòn principal por la que dicidieron hacer alia.....kol hakavod y que D-S LES MANDE SOLO BRAJOT

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