Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Purim 5770 & more

As it’s already common I will start with apologies to my loyal readers for not being able to blog recently, things have been veeeery busy, but I’m back.

Purim Sameach to all!

To remember some good old times last year you can check out Happy Purim 5769

We all had a very happy holiday. Especially the kids that celebrated for the entire week with many activities at school. For the reading of Megilat Esther (isn’t it amazing you can get a summary of the story on wikipedia? If the Purim story would have happened during the internet era I’m sure they would have ordered to write the book online:) )on Saturday night the kids dressed up and were very excited, afterwards there was a magicians show. On Sunday afternoon we had our Seudah (Meal) as part of a joint effort with 3 other families with kids, it was lots of fun. That same night Liora and I went to a party from Liora’s work and to be honest we felt a little more in the middle east than what we would have liked (if you know what I mean).

Below some pictures from Purim:

In the spirit of sharing some photos, below some photos of another Tiyul (excursion) I did with Rajel and the kids to Givat Hatitora here in Modiin. Enjoy some of the great views we were able to enjoy from our beautiful land.


Beautiful, isn’t it?

Last year we also visited Givat Hatitora but back in February 2009 it was very cold. Take a look here.

And since I’m sure you are still hungry for pictures, below some pictures from a Shabbat we spent with our friends at Maale Alumim (remember my Praying Towards the West blog post?):

Still a lot to talk to you about and pictures to share, hopefully soon I will share. Soon too, learn how I used my marketing background to win a couple of concert tickets and of course a brief report of the concert :)

And closing with a photo worth for a Sabra Album mention:

From Sabra Album

Taken in Jerusalem’s old city a table with Tefilin to wear that reads “Tefillin, Just do it”, talk about strong branding :)

Shabbat Shalom.

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