Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We did it!!!!!

Some very exciting news to share with you.

Click below to find out:

Announcing the Winners of The 3rd Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest

I want to thank you all for your help on this one. To every single 1861 of you.

Thanks to all of you that re-tweeted it including: @TzionE, @yuval_danieli, @joshweinstein, @Tips4Geeks, @davidcorman, @tallynetzer, @viviancohen, sorry I’m missing many of you, but thank you too.

Thanks to all friends and family that forwarded on email and Facebook, including RDW for forwarding to the Shaare Torah mailing list.

Thanks to all bloggers and sites that linked to my guest blog including my friend at http://aliyahbyaccident.blogspot.com/ , thanks also for your editing advice, I owe you an iced coffee. Thanks to http://www.brazencareerist.com/, thanks Zvika for posting it at http://www.bneiakiva.net/bogrim-olim/, thanks Mickael at https://gvahim.org.il/, and others I can’t find.

Thanks to those that got it on email, saw it on Facebook, saw it on Tweeter and got it again on LinkedIn and still kept me as your social media contact/friend. :)

Thanks for your forty some comments on the actual blog post + the many emails, Facebook and LinkedIn messages I received with your feedback I appreciate them. That includes many past interviewers that knew I was talking about our interview experience, thanks not only for your comments but also for all the material to create the blog post (that includes the guy from HOT cable).

Good job to all the other contestants with your very interesting posts. As I would see one by one getting put online I thought that they were so good that would probably take the 1st place away. You also were able to bring a lot of unique users and have all set the bar higher for next year’s contest.

Thanks to Liora and the kids for your support on my “Blogging career”, I love you.

A special thanks to Jacob Share at http://www.jobmob.co.il/ for the opportunity to participate (by the way nice meeting you in person yesterday at the JBloggers convention), and of course to all the sponsors. It was fun, I learned a lot about the power of social media and gained a whole bunch in terms of professional opportunities.

Thanks to Hashem for providing me all that I have today and making me all that I am today.

Hey, you can now say that you are following an “award winning blogger” :) Now make sure you do sign up to join the “My blog followers” list on the right.

Feliz dia de la Independencia, Viva Mexico! (no it’s not on Cinco de Mayo).

Shanah Tovah.


AdinaLex said...

MAZEL TOV!!! You earned it!

Gila Rose said...

mazel tov! great job! looking forward to celebrating with coffee!! if it's after sukkot, it'll have to be hot coffee. because then, you know, it will be "winter" even if it's still 80 degrees outside.

Baila said...

Didn't you promise all Modiin bloggers an iced coffee?

And I didn't know you were at the convention, I would have looked for you.

Congratulations--well deserved!

Jacob Share said...

Israel, congrats on the win. Well-earned and well-deserved. Funny but true stories and real lessons to boot, you can't beat that.

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