Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter of 5772 – The winter of Sachlav

It’s funny that one of the top Google searches that end up on this blog have something to do with Sachlav pointing out to the post entitled: From Rompope to Eggnog to Sachlav

This winter I’ve had a chance to have a nice and warm Sachlav featured below. No Rompope or Eggnog this year either.

From Chanukah 5771

It was really good with its coconut and nuts on top.

This winter has basically passed by just like a Sachlav: warm, very sweet indeed and with just a bit of some hard pieces.

Warm – Not much cold this winter and unfortunately not much rain either although the last two weeks some rain has come down.

From Chanukah 5771

Very Sweet – It has been great to have family visiting and sharing some time and Chanukah with us. Celebrating Hanukah in Israel was once again a unique experience.  Below some highlights (feel free to click on the Chanukah 5771 link for more pictures).

Our brave Maccabee         From Chanukah 5771
From Chanukah 5771
From Chanukah 5771
Visiting Neot Kedumim From Chanukah 5771

And some of the sweetest moments this winter (I guess it was much before winter), G’d has blessed us and we will have our first Sabra.

From Blogger Pictures

He is so photogenic :)

Shabbat Shalom.


Anonymous said...

como siempre gozamos leyendo tus blogs, el invierno en Israel es siempre una estacion del año muy optimista ya que aunque no llueva mucho con lo poco que cae sus tierras se pintan de todos colores y de arboles llenos de flores. De esto tenemos que aprender que al mal tiempo buena cara....
Un abrazo

Gila Rose said...

Hey! Great news! How is Liora feeling? When are you due?
I actually had my first sachlav this winter (from Aroma) and thought of you. It was super sweet. I drank it kind of slowly and it got really thick towards the end. Is it supposed to do that?

Laurie said...

Too bad that you stopped was interesting to read about your adjustments to Israeli life.

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